June 04, 2009

Mission: Obstacle Course

I am playing a little game with my kids this summer. If you're just joining the story go read Parts ONE TWO THREE FOUR and FIVE before reading this post.

This morning the boys got this email.

Hello Agents,

First of all let me say congratulations to you both on finishing another school year. My sources tell me that you received excellent grades and that you behaved in ways that would make our Agency proud.

On this, your first day of summer, I have a mission that will require imagination, hard work, and fast runners.

One of the ways we train agents is by making them run through obstacle courses. We try to make obstacle courses that will challenge our new recruits and make them work very hard to get through. But we need help coming up with ideas for obstacles.

Today, you will design an obstacle course. Using the items in your garage design an obstacle course that starts at your front door and ends at the back door.

It should have six parts (or obstacles). Agent Secret Fire you are in charge of obstacles 1, 3, and 5. Agent Invisible Power you are in charge of obstacles 2,4, and 6.

Once you are finished you have two more steps in the mission. I want you to run the obstacle course. Invisible Power will run it first, then Secret Fire. Add up your times and when you think you've got the fastest time write it down.

Finally, you must submit an email report to me with the following things.

1. Pictures of all the obstacles with you running through them (your mom or dad can help you with this).
2. A typed explanation of what you have to do in each obstacle.
3. Your best running time.

Good luck, agents. If your work is satisfactory there will be a reward.


Calvo Padre
Secret Agent

These are the pictures from their report.

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Andy Rowell said...

I didn't know they had grass in Waco. How did the secret agents pull that off?