May 31, 2009

Mission: Treasure Hunt

I am playing a little game with my kids this summer. If you're just joining the story go read Parts ONE TWO THREE and FOUR before reading this post.

Here's a slide show of the latest Calvo Padre adventure.


MLE said...

Dan, this is a GREAT idea. I need to get me some kids to play with this summer so I can have that much fun. Or maybe that's how I'll direct next fall's play...

Andy Rowell said...

Loving it. Way to go, Dan. I am smiling the whole way through.

Gotta wait till my boys 4 and 20 mos can read though for Ryan's birthday we did a an "animal rescuer" (Diego, etc.) scavenger hunt with clues with clip art of the next place they were supposed to go to find the next clue (fridge, crawlspace, etc.) The last clue led them to some of their stuffed animals who were stuck in a tree with candy surrounded by menacing dinosaurs.