June 10, 2009

Benjamin Button

is kinda dumb.


Chris Hansen said...

But it sure was pretty to look at.

DAN BUCK said...

I didn't even notice, there was too much SUCK in the way of the cinematography.

Sappy, Sentimental, Predictable, Obvious, Corny, and some downright painful dialogue.

By the end of the movie I wanted to hunt hummingbirds!

Andy Rowell said...

Dan, I thought the script-writer missed the point of the concept that the movie was based on. The real point of the movie could have been a good one--we are frail and need others when we are old and when we are young. But instead the writer thought the point was "be who you are"--a dancer, a tattoo artist, someone who gets hit by lightning (huh?). The movie could have had the theme of grace, forgiveness, and community in the midst of tragedy and pain but the scriptwriter tried to fit that into the emaciated nihilist concept--be yourself. There is only so much you can do with that pathetic idea--"very few of us are conscious or consistent nihilists, even of the extremely benign variety" (David Bentley Hart, Atheist Delusions, 21).

K-to-the-elsey said...

ur kinda dumb.

that movie was wonderful.

Shannon said...

Poor little innocent purty symbolic hummingbirds! :)

I sat down to watch this film with such extremely low expectations that it pleasantly surprised me in spite of being unnecessarily long and obvious. It's far from my top 200 but I felt Daisy's pain at the end--something that's not so easy to achieve in a big budget movie. Well, there was that and Cate Blanchett's dance scene in silhouette that surely made her worth the rest of the 3 hours. :)

Chris Hansen said...

I honestly didn't hate it, but I couldn't see why it was so beloved. It was interesting, in part, to me. But Benjamin just sort of floats through his life very passively, and I found that uninteresting most of the time. It had a few nice moments in places, but there just wasn't enough story there to sustain the length of the film.

I do think it was well shot and looked pretty beautiful. On the other hand, I hate it when Hollywood actors do southern accents. Ugh.

DTB said...

I like it when you talk about beloved movies you don't like. It takes the pressure of my rants over FORREST GUMP and TITANIC.

I believe your assessment of BENJAMIN BUTTON completely!!