February 12, 2008

Limerick Tuesday XVI

Welcome back! Please note the newest installment of my 43 Favorite Films Series below.

As for this week's topics check out these beauties:

  • Greek Theatre

  • Mall Stores of the Past (Chess King, County Seat, Merry Go Round, etc)

  • Grocery Store Free Samples

  • Charo

Submit a limerick on any of the above (or a combination thereof) in the comments. Post early, post often. Winners will be selected tomorrow and real, live, virtual, internet, hyperlinked, not-real-at-all prizes will be awarded.



Jeff O said...

There's a woman who once defined passion
but when I met her my face became ashen
"You're Charo?" I spat
She said "My friends call me that...
but you can call me María del Rosario Pilar Martínez Molina Baeza Rasten "

Oh thats awful. Someone shoot me.

jared pike said...

Since the last Greek theater opened
American culture has been gropin'
But we must be assertive
When all people have heard of
Is that live album by Josh Groban

jared pike said...

As the Fashion Bug's era passes
And Organ World stops giving classes
Let's all raise a toast...
Which "Hut" do you like most?
The Pizza one or the Sunglasses?

jared pike said...

To the freebie aisle, everyone tramples
To eat tiny caramel-dipped apples
We eat meat in cubes
Then squeeze cheese in tubes
There's no safeway to get all these samples

jared pike said...

miro Charo en todos las mes
la línea siguiente es tres
apesto mi idioma
haga lo que toma
esto habría rimado en inglés

The Medievalist said...

I went to buy groceries with Charo,
Noting that things were muy caro,
But the samples were free,
And we ate for no fee,
As if there were no tomorrow.

joey said...

How could Oedipus still lose his poor eyes,
When the oracle already shared the surprise?
She warned: "you're fate is complex,
So just don't have sex,
For your mother will be your demise."

Saint Antic said...

I was once shopping at Sam's.
I was there for a surplus of yams
She asked if I wanted a bite
I said that I might
after all I do enjoy deviled hams

Shane Alexander said...

If your sick of scripts that explode
You might consider some ancient Greek odes.
The characters collide
or commit patricide
within view of the Colossus of Rhodes.