April 08, 2008

Limerick Tuesday XXIII

Limerick topics:
  1. Sushi
  2. Full House (The TGIF television show)
  3. Fashion tips
  4. Boycotting the Olympics


Anonymous said...

On Full House they'd teach you each day,
denying reality in creative ways,
in retrospect,
the circumspect,
admit Uncle Jesse looked gay.

The Dada Drummer said...

Tonight, On A Very Special FULL HOUSE

Uncle Joey make jokes. Danny cleans up and cares.
Becky smiles and Uncle Jesse primps his hairs.
D.J. and Steph show 80s fashion
And not one of them can imagine
Lil’ Michelle is going to become TWO millionaires!

Anonymous said...

The protesters deserve praise and kudos,
And let's help make sure the whole world knows,
But for goodness sake,
And the love of cake,
Keep cameras out of San Francisco.

Meatball said...

The Olympics can all go eff off.
These crappy games just make me scoff.
If people can pay,
They are fixed anyway.
Have you heard of Sergei Tchepikov?

Meatball said...

From Full House to Two of a Kind
For TV the Olsens have a mind.
After ten crappy movies.
They started developing boobies.
Working pedophiles into a bind.

I am going to Hell. And also I am a ten year old.