December 18, 2007


It was a mere ten weeks ago, I wasn't even sure if "limerick" had one "m" or two. And now, if you put the words "limerick", "contest", and "transubstantiation" in Google, my site comes up first.

We've come a long way baby!

And to celebrate here are your topics:

  • "TEN" the Dudley Moore movie

  • "TEN" the Pearl Jam Album

  • The year 1910

  • TEN pin bowling

  • Fingers

  • Being TEN years old

  • The TEN Commandments

  • TENnis

  • TENtacles

  • TENder Loin Sadnwiches

As always you may combine topics, and I recommend a listing of the topics you've included. Although I'll point out some of our best limericks have been dedicated to one topic.


Be sure to go HERE to vote in the Top Ten Limericks contest. I've posted aboiut 15 or so of the best limericks from the past ten weeks and I'll be doing a countdown in tomorrow's results post.

Good Luck All!


The Medievalist said...

There once was a ten named Bo Derek,
whose looks were quite esoteric,
She hooked up with a Moore,
Which was really a bore,
But the Bolero was almost Homeric.

Anonymous said...

They were rallying against the walls,
But tennis, this is not what one calls,
However, this sport,
Sent her clear from the court,
Then he cradled his sad can o' balls.


jared pike said...

Pearl Jam didn't think they'd survive,
But folks bought their new album, "FIVE."
The band yelled "Hooray!"
Eddie Vedder did say,
"Hey, I, oh, I-I'm still alive!"

Brian Bateman said...

I cannot recall being ten;
My memory’s faded since then.
Recollection is muddly
On Pearl Jam and Dudly,
But I remember Bo’s shiny, wet skin!

jared pike said...

Mother Theresa, born 19-and-10
Akira Kurosawa was then
Jacques Cousteau did a lot
But none of them are hot!
Gloria Stuart's the only true "10"

jared pike said...

I'm sorry, but I just will not join
When people eat some critter's groin
I don't give a snot
If it's tender or not
It's loin, fool! You're eating loin!

jared pike said...

And one last one, utilizing all TEN topics (in order, mind you!)

Dudley Moore, Eddie Vedder, the decade
Knock 'em down with your fingers in 5th grade
Chuck Heston knows all
And backhands the ball
Octopus likes his sandwich with ink sprayed

DanBuck said...

Jared, you forgot the commandment, unless I missed it. That's a sin of omission.

Saint Antic said...

Back in the days of yore
there was a movie that was sure to bore
The Hebrews prayed to a calf
for an hour and a half
By the end heston's voice was sore

Its lame, but I try

jared pike said...

Chuck Heston, Ten Commandments, famous film, let my people go, etc. Totally slant, but the whole thing was a stretch to begin with.

Meatball said...

Also, just saying that Chuck Heston knows all is a commandment breaker.

Martin said...

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight;
Nine and ten -- thus we enumerate.
Need to cheat, just a smidge? It's
A cinch: use your digits,
So called, 'cause for counting, they're great.