May 18, 2009

Mission: Just the Facts

I am playing a little game with my kids this summer. If you're just joining the story here are Parts ONE and TWO.

This was their next assignment.

Hello agents,

Before I give you your assignment, I know you are probably wondering who I am. Well, I will tell you who I am at the end of the summer as a part of your ULTIMATE MISSION! But for now, my identity will have to remain a secret.

Your next assignment will take a little longer. Every secret agent must know "The Facts". There are very important pieces of information that you will be required to know.
You must BOTH memorize the following facts:

1. Your address.
2. Your mom's phone number
3. Your dad's phone number.
4. The number to call for emergencies.

Work on these all day tomorrow. Tomorrow night, have your dad help video tape you on his computer saying these facts and then email the video to me.

I will not accept any emails from you before 6:00 PM on Monday. If your videos are satisfactory to me there will be a reward.

Good luck, agents.

Calvo Padre
Secret Agent

They had the info memorized within an hour. When they sent the videos I sent them this response.

Excellent work boys!

To find your reward solve this riddle:

Some snakes bite, and some snakes slither
But THIS snake helps flowers in dry weather.
Most snakes live in holes or piles of rocks,
But this snake lives coiled in a box!
Good luck, agents!

Calvo Padre
Secret Agent

They eventually figured out that I meant the hose box outside. There were two envelopes addressed to them inside with their prizes inside.


Adria said...

oh. my. god.

this is amazing.

I wish this had happened to me as a child.

K-to-the-elsey said...