January 29, 2008

Limerick Tuesday XIV

Before we dive in, some housekeeping and news.

    1. If you haven't already, fill out a survey. It's only 8 quick questions. It's over on my sidebar at the bottom
    2. I have been invited to become a part of Baylor's best (and only) Improv Comedy Team - The Guerrilla Troupe. The auditions were a lot of fun (and big). I'm not sure how I'll be involved. I'm hoping to host some shows and maybe show up for a few rehearsals to be able to get my "improv on". But I'm excited to be involved with these cool and funny people.
    3. I went to a concert at which Jon McLaughlin played and he was amazing. A genius on the ivories, he's like Ben Folds but less angry and more reflective. Oh, and he can sing. (No offense to Ben, I love Ben.) Anyway, check him out. And, by the way, if you are over 30 and want to feel really old, go to a concert on a college campus.

OKAY!!! LIMERICKS!!! - Post your entries on one topic or multiple topics in the comments section, and tell your friends to get involved. Go ahead, go to your myspace, facebook, or smoke signal fire and let your friends know about the coolest limerick contest on the web.

  • Baklava
  • Super Tuesday - The Superhero, NOT the political process
  • Smells at the Mall
  • Klaatu barada nikto!
  • Your favorite disciple

Go to it.


Beeki said...

I like the taste of sweet honey
I don't mind paying the money
At the Greek Festival I cry
When the baklava I try
It tastes so good it's not funny!

carver said...

Ash, the man the kingdom relied upon,
was sent to find the Necronomicon.
But he certainly was in a pickle,
When he thought the last word was "nickle",
And unleashed an undead Ghengis Khan.

Jeff O'Donnell said...
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Jeff O'Donnell said...

After spending a weekend in Kent
Michael Rennie was heard to lament
"my klaatu will heal
my barrada's unreal
but somehow my nikto got bent"

Anonymous said...

In 30 A.D. Greece, at the mall,
Disciple Simon had a close call,
'Cuz their "phat" friend Thomas,
Broke his New Year's promise:
Baklava was smelled on Tom's prayer shawl.


jared pike said...

When Jesus recruited his crew
He chose who he wanted to.
With Thad and the Brothers,
Matt, Tom, and the others,
It's a Zebedee Zobodee Zoo.

lindsay said...

(this is lindsay...i'm too lazy to sign in)

this limerick has not the meter
to explain how i love simon peter
he walked on the water
but needed a spotter
when he at once started to teeter.

daniel said...

Dan should have woken me up
To watch the dark army get up
I still blame him today
For this he will pay
"Klaatu barada nikatchoo-p"

I said it! you heard me, (grabs book and runs away)

Shane Alexander said...

Conspiracy theories abound
From those who claim to have found
that Christ's archetypal
follower and disciple
was his wife, I'm not kidding around!

DISCLAIMER: The previous limerick in no way reflects the beliefs held by the poet. It may, however, reflect that the poet did read and rather enjoy Dan Brown's novel concerning said unheld beliefs.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Cookie Cake smell how it gets ya,
Sbarro catches you too, that I'll bet ya,
But the temptingest scent,
Is the one that is sent,
From that slut Auntie Anne and her pretzels.