May 18, 2009

Mission: Codebreakers

After setting the boys up with a special email account through which they could correspond with Calvo Padre, they were sent this message.

Hello Agents,

I know you have been anxious to receive a new mission. This is a difficult one.

You will need to collect the following books from your bookshelf.

  1. Horrible Harry and the Kickball Wedding

  2. Green Eggs and Ham

  3. Junie B. Jones and the Mushy Gushy Valentine

  4. Nate the Great Talks Turkey

  5. Stanley and the Magic Lamp

Once you have all these books together email me for further instructions.

Good luck, agents!

So, once they frantically collected the books, and sent me an email they got this response a few minutes later.

Very good, that was fast!

Now, you will need to crack the following code to find your first reward.

___ ___ ___ ___   ___ ___ ___ ___ ___
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

1 - Junie's middle initial goes in this spot.
2 - The first letter of the third word in the title of the Dr. Suess book.
3 - 23rd letter in the title of the Horrible Harry Book
4 - Last letter of the author's name that wrote the Junie B. Jones book
5 - On page 8 of Nate the Great look for this sentence "Sledge looked _______." Fill in the blank and use the first letter of the missing word.
6 - Middle letter in the last name of the author of Nate the Great.
7 - What color is Sam's hat in Green Eggs and Ham? The first letter of the answer to that question.
8 - The page that shows ALL of the chapter titles in the Horrible Harry book is called what? Use the first letter of that word.
9 - The title of the first chapter in Flat Stanley is a prince's name. The first letter of the prince's name (skip the word "prince").

Go to this place for your reward!

Calvo Padre
Secret Agent

The code spelled out "Back Porch". When they had deciphered the last letter they looked at each other with wide eyes and bolted for the back door screaming "Maybe he's here!" When they opened the back door, there was a red box sitting on the porch. They quickly opened it and found two candy prizes inside.

Well, that did it. They started going crazy. They started searching the house for clues and prizes. And they started giving each other secret agent assignments.

They check their email every five minutes.

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