April 02, 2015

The Return of DBuck's Limerick Contest

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls...

I present to you: 

That's right!  If you love wordplay, comedy, rhyming, or all things Irish, then this is the contest for you! Here's the way it works:

  1. Each week, I will post 3 topics of the week. 
  2. You will compose a limerick on any of the topics.  You may do as many as two per week.  
  3. I will judge the best ones and pick a winner (or two) and award a real fake prize. (Usually something amazing I've discovered on the interwebs.)
  4. Wash, Rinse, Repeat the next week. 
Fun, right?  

Let's get it kicked off shall we?

This week's topics are as follows: (write about one, or multiple topics.  Two limericks per entrant max.) 
  • Working for Disney (in honor of Jaclyn, who recently quit the Mouse)
  • Lame April Fool's pranks
  • Verisimilitude

Now, the magic is up to you.  If you would like to know more about limerick's here is a link to the Top Ten Limericks from the last time I did this contest.  

Happy Limericking,


J. Adam said...

At Disney I wanted to be
In costume for all kids to see.
But my career soon fell flat
After security discovered my tats,
So an extra on Empire I'll be.

Eli Beard said...

There once was a Donald the Duck
Who took Minnie out in his truck
But things got too sticky
When he answered to Mickey
As for work, he is shit out of luck

Matthew O'Donnell said...

A comfortable cushion, it beckoned
'twas the day before April the second
When I planted my rear
A rude noise all did hear
Nary half of the laugh they had reckoned

Matthew O'Donnell said...

Spaceship Earth was my ride to inspect
And this task I did sorely neglect
Plus I made a kid cry
So they told me goodbye
Unemployment checks now I collect

Eli Beard said...

A lass went to work for the Mouse
The Cinderella dream there to espouse
But there was some confusion
And she left disillusioned
Cast as a keeper of house

JD said...

Cinderella lost her shoe at the ball
To home, she limped and she crawled
The prince did not take long
To find where she had gone
Of course, it's a small world, after all...

Jaclyn said...

Though aware I would scarcely be paid
And the "cult" was just short of kool-aid
I would never have went
If I'd known I'd have spent
All my free time with Thomas Kincaid.