April 07, 2015

Limerick Apr 7th RESULTS // Apr 14th NEW TOPICS

Results of the April 7th contest are first, to see THIS week's contest (ending April 14th) scroll down .


It was a fun week for our Limerick Contest. Interestingly, all but one of the seven entries were about the same topic.

 The topics were:
• Working for Disney (in honor of Jaclyn, who recently quit the Mouse) 
• Lame April Fool's pranks 
• Verisimilitude 

In a shocking turn of events, no one picked Verisimilitude. I had trouble believing it at first, but it had the appearance of truth. The overwhelming majority went with Working for Disney.

I have to give a couple of honorable mentions. First to Eli, who had this gem:  

There once was a Donald the Duck
Who took Minnie out in his truck
But things got too sticky
When he answered to Mickey
As for work, he is s*** out of luck.

Now, while I want this site to be family friendly, I have to acknowledge that limericks are traditionally quite ribald. (that's an awesome word meaning "naughty"). So, the fact that he placed three of the Fab Five (as they are referred to in the parks) in such a perfectly limerick-esque scenario makes him worthy of a nod.

The second honorable mention goes to Matthew O'Donnell, (whose status as a songwriter with Irish heritage may put him at a distinct advantage), with this little verse:

A comfortable cushion, it beckoned 
'twas the day before April the second 
When I planted my rear 
A rude noise all did hear 
Nary half of the laugh they had reckoned 

This was the only limerick to take on the topic "Lame Practical Jokes".  Not only is the rhyming impressive (Beckoned, second, reckoned) but he stuck precisely to the topic. And also, he used "nary". Well played, Matt.

And finally, our winner this week is Jaclyn!

Though aware I would scarcely be paid
And the "cult" was just short of kool-aid
I would never have went
If I'd known I'd have spent
All my free time with Thomas Kincaid

Her limerick references a part of her story that wasn't known to all. She recently endured the Disney College Program and her roommates were all dyed-in-the-wool Mickey Devotees and would spend their nights off putting together Thomas Kincaid puzzles. That's rough. If painting countless gazebos and country cottages made the artist drink himself to death, just imagine what doing a puzzle of them would do. Too soon?

Anyway, the limerick is an excellent self-effacing nod to a memory now chalked up to experience. Well-played. And as your reward... an unsanctioned conflation (and conflagration) of Thomas Kincaid and a Disney commodity. I give you: "This not the cottage we were looking for".

Congrats to our April 7th winner Jaclyn!

OUR NEXT CONTEST STARTS TODAY!! (Entries due April 14) 

As always, choose one or more of the following topics and submit up to two limericks in the comments on this post.  

  1. The Dukes of Hazzard (in honor of the actor who played Roscoe P. Coltrane - he passed Tuesday)
  2. The coolest of Jesus's disciples
  3. Bad ideas for Broadway musical adaptations (example:  Scabies! The Musical)
Get limericking! 

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