December 12, 2007

Limerick Tuesday IX - The Results

Ho Ho Holy Cow!
What a great week for limericks! An impressive showing by all.

First off, I wanted to welcome first time poster Joe Frost. Who is not this guy, but this guy. A friend of a friend and a cool theatre dude. Welcome, Joe. And your limerick was a strong contender this week. Sentimental and sweet. That kind of thing may have worked last week, but people would start doubting my smarmy rep if I picked two sappy limericks in a row. [side note] That OTHER Joe Frost I found happens to work at the University of the Incarnate Word, which is one of the cooler names for a university I've ever heard - and [side note to the side note] kudos to their Theatre Arts school for performing Sarah Ruhl's Clean House (a new favorite of mine - Thanks DadaDrummer).

...Aaaand we're back. Speaking of TheDadaDrummer, I have to take special note that she probably did research to correctly reference and spell "Nakatomi" Tower, but was tripped up on the word "cop". The irony is delcious. I make fun, but in truth, it was a darn good limerick.

IPLAWGUY's limerick mentioned his affection for Bad Santa. It's hard to know how to respond to someone who loves this film. Perhaps prayer and fasting... :)

But finally, we have two winners...

Brian Bateman
The days of James Stewart have passed
Mike Keaton’s career ended fast
Die Hard tried to thrill us
(What you talkin’ ‘bout, Willis?)
And Arnold stopped acting at last

An outstanding caucophony of osbcure cultural references and insider humor, well done. And...

Jared Pike

In "Die Hard," the stunt work's ornate
And "Wonderful Life" might be great
But the pic of the year
Is "Scrooged," and it's clear
That the reason is Bobcat Goldthwait

Not only to I share his affection for the film, but he zeroed in on the funniest potential rhyming word like a frickin' laser.

Congrats gentlemen, and in true Jingle-All-The-Way form, there is only one prize, you'll have to fight for it.

See you all next week for the LIMERICK TUESDAY X!!! In honor of this momentous occasion we'll have lots of surprises, perhaps even a countdown of the top ten limericks thus far. (Maybe I'll even have some independent judges help me with that call.) :)

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