December 05, 2007

Limerick Tuesday VIII - The Results

Best. Limerick. Contest. Ever.

We had over 89 unique visits yesterday, 17 limericks, and over 220 page views. I'm not making any money on this, I just feel more important with more people looking at me. Thanks for feeding my narcissism everybody. It's the gift that keeps on taking.

ANYWAY... Limericks this week that ranged from brilliant to moving to "we -should-talk-I've-been-worrying-about-you". Two winners, whose entries could not be more diverse. Some honorable mentions as well.
jared pike - Usually when someone writes multiple limericks their first is the best, but Jared popped out three masterful rhymes on three of the four topics.

This 80's nativity screening
Shows how far America's leaning
It's shameful behavior
When Pac-Man's our savior
We've truly arrived at de-meaning

Not only does he link to hilarious Christmas kitsch (I'm not even sure I know how to link in a comment), but he turns limerick topic #1 into a statement about America. Hoo-wah!

For the teacher who wants to be free
Standardized tests are the key
One student, one voice
In multiple choice
When in doubt, fill in circle B

The weakest of the three, but still a respectable go at Topic #3. You had me at "One student, one voice, in multiple choice." It sounds like an excerpt from Mao's Little Red Book.

The champ Little Mac wants to be
But Piston Honda says, "We'll see..."
Von Kaiser he's icin'
While itchin' for Tyson
King Hippo just says, "Call on meeee!"

And finally, there's little I value more than absurd knowledge of obscure pop culture. Not only did Jared identify Topic #4's This guy... as a malnourished homage to the classic Nintendo game Mike Tyson's Punch Out!, but he even knew enough about the game to create a kick-ass limerick and another net savvy link to a truly disturbing YouTube video.

All-in-all a trilogy that makes Tolkien look like Ted Dekker. Well done Jared, here is your prize.

Jim Janknegt - A simple and beautiful portrait of Transubstantiation. I was actually a little moved by this one.

The Baptist sing, "Let your light shine"

It's for Jesus's presence they pine.

They pray to the air

When He's actually there

Body and Blood in the Bread and the Wine.

I love when a newcomer to our contest just hits it out of the park. Jim, here's your prize... sorry to make light of your sort of serious limerick, but well... it's all I know. :)

  • DadaDrummer - An admirable reflection on theology in two stanzas. Well-crafted.
  • Jake - Hackneyed is a great limerick word.
  • Prof. Osler - I never knew the term Heat Miser. You even teach when you limerick! Well done.
  • Medievalist - Your best limerick, I'd say. Charlie Brown's little tree is such a sad and beautiful image with which we all identify.
  • Brad and St. Antic - Both first-timers who made respectable efforts. Brad, your second limerick, a meta-limerick really, included the kind of flattery that will get you everything!
  • Brian - Had it not been for Jared's impressive showing, this one coulda been a contendah.
  • Shane - A nice recovery from last week's debacle. :) Now where are those Christmas lights?


Brian Bateman said...

Curse you, Jered! That prize could have been mine!!!

Anonymous said...

Too late this time... but I'll be back. Good work.

Saint Antic said...

Oh, that might work, nice and true.

Thank you for the idea, mon frer