December 12, 2007

A Meditation on the Christmas Pageant

I wrote this two years ago and wanted to repost it.

I’ve heard it before. The angel, the virgin, the star.

But for the first time, I ask myself, “Where am I? Which figure most reflects my soul? Am I Mary, contrite and brave? Or a Wiseman, seeking Him to bring my gold?” None of the parts are not quite right. As I try to cast myself, I’m not the Joseph, Shepherd and certainly not the angelic-type.

Then, I realize I am the town of Bethlehem. I am not in the story, but rather the story is in me. As a savior seeks me out, I have not the room for him. For his persistence, I grant him a leaky stable, more suited for donkey than King. There are Herod-like forces within me that would vanquish him for fear of the change He threatens. I busy myself with census-taking and the shop keeping of my soul, unaware of the Universe Superhero who has just landed in the back room.

In this pageant of my life, this nativity of my everyday, I must be mindful of the star of the show; perfectly cast to redeem this shoddy production, even though He chose a lowly setting, like me.


Shane Alexander said...

The Bethlehem angle is a potent one. I like it.

I also like to think of myself from Mary's perspective. God, who lived inside of her, could not be contained within her. God burst out from her womb to bless Joseph, the shepherds, wise men, and even royal pretenders like Herod as Jesus, the God-man, the Great High Priest who represents God to man and man to God. As you remind us with your Bethlehem metaphor, God now lives within us as miraculously as he once lived within Mary. And as the case was with Mary, God doesn't live inside of us so that we can have him all to ourselves. Instead he grows inside of us until we can no longer contain him within us and he bursts forth into our world and blesses our families, friends, neighbors, and even our enemies.

I love Christmas!

Dada said...

Does this pertain at all to the Christmas pageant you saw last night? Just curious!