December 11, 2007

Limerick Tuesday IX - Christmas Movies

This week... let's go with all Christmas Movie topics! I've chosen five Christmas films - a gem each one - to make sure everyobody has at least one topic with which they are familiar. Good luck!

  1. Jingle All The Way

  2. Scrooged

  3. It's a Wonderful Life

  4. Jack Frost

  5. Die Hard

For newcomers - pick one and write a limerick about it. Or combine a few.


Joe Frost said...

They say it's a wonderful life
of frustration and sorrow and strife
but if friends are around
and a bell makes a sound
then happiness will always be rife

DanBuck said...

I've never said it, but all limericks should have a PG-13 or kinder rating.

I had to delete one for going a little far, but it was pretty F'ing good. :)

To the deleted poster, please try another one.

carver said...

While I'm hurt I was censored on the Internet of all mediums, I do offer this substitute limerick...

A hero would come it was once foretold,
And he'd be dressed up all in red and gold.
He'd fight a mob and disgruntled postal carrier,
Latching onto a toy like a pitbull terrier
Leaving the crowd chanting loudly: "Ah-nold!"

Brian Bateman said...

The days of James Stewart have passed
Mike Keaton’s career ended fast
Die Hard tried to thrill us
(What you talkin’ ‘bout, Willis?)
And Arnold stopped acting at last

Iplawguy said...

My favorite movie is not on the list
Heart warming, no; still not to be missed!
"Bad Santa" is rude
In fact definitely crude
But I still feel a little bit dissed.

--How many Baylor Blogs am I going to post on... Must focus on work...

Dada said...

(I wrote a lovely little limerick about bell rings and angel wings...but the sweetness of it all was a bit much. So I'm submitting this lamer limerick instead!)

There once was a copy named Maclane
Who flew to L.A. six hours on a plane.
On a tower called Nakatomi
He told Hans Gruber "bologni!"
Yippee-kay-ya! This dude is insane!

Dada said...

Typo! That should say "a COP named Maclane". Though considering the muliple sequels, perhaps we can call this a Freudian slip! :)

jared pike said...

Ol' Jimmy makes Donna Reed swoon
All it takes a sweet little tune
If it were a current movie
They'd have lots more nudity
*Then* dance by the light of the moon!

jared pike said...

In "Die Hard," the stunt work's ornate
And "Wonderful Life" might be great
But the pic of the year
Is "Scrooged," and it's clear
That the reason is Bobcat Goldthwait

The Dada Drummer said...

Can I just go ahead and nominate Jared Pike's second limerick as the winner?????