May 23, 2009

Mission: Photo Hunt

I am playing a little game with my kids this summer. If you're just joining the story go read Parts ONE TWO THREE and FOUR before reading this post.

The boys awoke Saturday morning and when they checked their email there was a message that read simply...

Step 1: Open your front door.
They went to the door and found an envelope with these instructions on the outside.

Step 2: Do NOT open the envelope yet.
Step 3: Go twenty steps straight into the front yard.
Step 4: Turn right.
Step 5: Walk ten more steps.
Step 6: Look for a small black rectangle with a door in it.
Step 7: Open the door and remove the items inside.
Step 8: Open the envelope and read the instructions.

The small black rectangle with the door in it is a water shut-off at the front edge of our lawn. The boys had never even noticed it before so they were astonished to find two disposable cameras inside.

These were the instructions inside.

Good morning agents,

One of the most important skills a secret agent has is their ability to take good photographs. I have provided each of you with your own personal cameras and I have a photograph training assignment for you.

These are called “disposable cameras”; which means you can only use them to take 27 pictures and then after you get the pictures off the camera, you can never use it again.

I want you to go to the mall today and bring the cameras with you. I have a list here of the things I want you to take pictures of – one list for Elijah and one for Isaac.

After you’ve taken all the pictures you’ll have to bring the camera to Walgreens to have the pictures developed. Ask them to put the pictures on a CD so that you can email them to me.

If you get pictures of all the things I ask for, you will receive a reward.
Good luck agents!

Calvo Padre
Secret Agent

P.S. – Bring your Secret Agent badges so if anybody asks why you are taking pictures you can show them that you are on official secret agent business.

Here are the lists.


A blue shirt
A necklace
Food that looks good
Something that starts with G
A trash can
Shoes with very high heels
A dog
A picture of you taking a picture
Something you think is funny
Something you think Mom would look pretty in
Your mom or dad doing something crazy
A musical instrument
A bird
Someone smiling (not in our family)

A red shirt
A funny hat
Food that looks gross
Something that stars with P
A flower
Something only boys wear
Someone in uniform
A cat
Something you think Dad would look handsome in
A planet
The number 8
A clock
A picture of mom or dad when they don’t know you’re taking a picture
A stroller

These are the results of the photo hunt.

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