February 01, 2008

Smarm for Hire

Pine Castle Christian Academy is flying me and my family back to Florida to help host a banquet/auction event on March 15th!

I did this last year, and it entails someone handing me a microphone and me wondering around in front of 1000 rich people making smart ass remarks. And this year, they're giving me and the fam airfare home to do it.

It's a good gig. I love the people, I love the school, and who am I kidding, I love the laughter.

Hope to see some of my FL readers while I'm there. I'm also hoping to stop by good ole PCCA while it's in session just to stop any learning from occuring! We can't have that when I'm around!


Jake Link said...

This is exciting. When do you arrive and when do you leave to go back to Baylor? I'm just planning around this momentous occasion.

Dan Buck (SLP) said...

We're coming in the night of the Twelfth and leaving Sunday the 16th.

I hope to stop by the ole Castle on Thursday or Friday.