February 05, 2008

Limerick Tuesday XV

We'll be trying something new this week. I'm going to come up with topics based on events that happened on THIS DAY in history. You don't have to write about the historic event, you can choose to put your own limerick spin on any of the topics. So...

Today's topics are:
  • Golf on the moon
  • Bobby Brown
  • The Golden Era of Pro-Wrestling (Andre the Giant, Jake the Snake, and Hulk Hogan)

Try one, combine more than one. Enter your answers in the comments section.

Good luck!


carver said...

It all but caused my heart to break,
When I learned wrestling was simply fake.
But I'll still remember one man,
With his pink bowtie and Malibu tan.
Oh yeah! Brutus the Barber Beefcake.

Shane Alexander said...

If only I could tee off on the moon,
My drives would cause earthlings to swoon.
But gravitationally speaking,
I'll need more than tweaking
to adjust my golf swing for this dune.

joey said...

If you simply watch 'Being Bobby'
Smoking crack might seem like a hobby.
Whitney's down-right crazy,
And Brown seems plain lazy.
But, you know what? That's their prerogative.


Martin said...

Perhaps in a photo you've seen us
Lunar golfing? 'Twas no stroke of genius.
Our drives were too distant,
Short games non-existent,
And my chip shot's now orbiting Venus.

The Dada Drummer said...

“A Limerick on Space Program Extra-Curriculars!”

You know Alan Shepard showed off his golf tactic
And John Young drove the Lunar Rover all spastic
But Buzz Aldren did the most
He brought wine and the Host
‘Cause that Texas astronaut was Roman Catholic!

The Medievalist said...

Does anyone remember the Crusher?
Whose nose often ran like a gusher?
He would fly through the air,
With a hell of a flare,
Before landing square on an usher.