February 26, 2008

Limerick Tuesday XVIII


Cheesy TV theme this week.
  • Kirk Cameron
  • Saved by the Bell
  • The Lawrence Welk Show
  • Celtic Women


Shane Alexander said...

If you like the story of Boudica,
Drivng Romans from Eastern Britainica,
I might just suggest
at Enya's request,
A Celtic hymn played on my harmonica.

Wow, that's bad.

jared pike said...

He came to fame as Mike Seaver
Then became a well-known believer
But for what it's worth
If it's just him defending earth
I wouldn't be Left Behind either

jared pike said...

For watching Mr. Belding teach
Those teenagers got a million bucks each
But after a few years
It bored us to tears
Their careers all came to a screech

jared pike said...

If the elderly viewers hadn't cared to call
Lawrence Welk's gay charade wouldn't air at all
But before syndication
Check this prognostication:
Their show's frickin' sponsored by Geritol!

I also must add that I found that picture on a Lawrence Welk tribute site that features -- I kid you not -- fan fiction. *Fan Fiction* of the Lawrence Welk show. I can just picture some Dungeons and Dragons-esque teenager salivating over the latest salacious tales of accordion player Myron Floren.

jared pike said...

"Celtic Women" DVD is for sale
So I expect to see Irish chicks wail
Instead I see the lives
Of the middle-aged wives
Of Larry Bird, Robert Parish, and McHale

The Medievalist said...

There once was a man named Lawrence,
Whose band never played Florence,
But his accordion would sing,
At many a German wing-ding,
As to the polkas there was no abhorrence.