February 28, 2008

Limerick Tuesday XVIII - The Results

Simply put.

Jared Pike.

A maelstrom of limerick glory. All four of his entries were golden.

On Growing Pains...
He came to fame as Mike Seaver
Then became a well-known believer
But for what it's worth
If it's just him defending earth
I wouldn't be Left Behind either
On Saved by the Bell...
For watching Mr. Belding teach
Those teenagers got a million bucks each
But after a few years
It bored us to tears
Their careers all came to a screech
On Lawrence Welk...
If the elderly viewers hadn't cared to call
Lawrence Welk's gay charade wouldn't air at all
But before syndication
Check this prognostication:
Their show's frickin' sponsored by Geritol!
On Celtic Women...
"Celtic Women" DVD is for sale
So I expect to see Irish chicks wail
Instead I see the lives
Of the middle-aged wives
Of Larry Bird, Robert Parish, and McHale

Jared - Your prize...what else?

While I'm bragging on Jared, this is a video he created for a friend on their birthday. It is, in my opinion inspired.

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