February 22, 2008

Greek Week - but no frats

Well, today is the performance of my Greek Drama scene. I've directed six very talented undergrads in a portion of Euripides's Ion.

It was a real stretch of my abilities, which is what I'm here for. But I think I've risen to it. I know there will be some valuable notes from my professors about what I could've done better, but I think what we've crafted together is a solid scene. I'm doing a lot more with music and lights than I usually do (Thanks to my lighting designer Tyler, who rocks by the way).

If any Waco folks wanna see it (and a portion of Antigone by my awesome-outside-the-box-I-wish-I-was-more-like-her counter-part Becca) it's in the MABEE theatre today at 3PM. Each scene is under 20 minutes. You may then follow the group to Theatre 11, to see some modern/realistic scenes from Pinter, Chekov and Coward directed by the gracious second-year grads. (That room will be more crowded though, so it wouldn't be rude to just catch the first two).

I'm a little nervous. But no pit stains... yet.

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Shane Alexander said...

Good l----, whoa that was close!

How about I just think happy thoughts in a specifically spiritual kind of way around 3 o'clock?