November 06, 2007


Raising the difficulty level with these topics.

  • The Christmas Season (Which, if you've been to Wal-Mart you know, has officially begun)
  • Urinal Etiquette (for men, or adventurous women)
  • Giving Birth (for women, or masochistic men)
  • Wine (not whine - we already have a woman's topic)
Good luck to all. Prizes, lard, and honor to those that I like the most.


Jared Pike said...

It's an all-scatalogical, all-drunkard edition of Limerick Tuesday:

The candy canes help us remember
But way way way before December
The fatigue kicks in
Thus prompting Blitzen
To kick Santa right in the member.

Any man's got to know what it takes
To shower those urinal cakes
But Dad always told me,
"Don't pee so boldly;
You'll go blind after three shakes."

Though sex is what most women fetch,
The birth process may make some retch.
For brief satisfactions
Result in contractions
And forgetting those marks is a stretch.

Sauvignon Blanc is the best
To have on our table, we're blessed...
Oh, who am I kidding?
I'm forced! It's a wedding!
Can't somebody get me a Pabst?!?

Shane Alexander said...

To be friends yule have to agree,
Don't pee in that urinal by me.
For no Season's Greetings
Can make right the sprinklings
That spray me whenever you wee.

The Dada Drummer said...


In writing limerick topics too fast
Unexposed Granite spoke like a smart ass.
This blog friend of mine
Said all women whine.
And now this poor boy's failed my class!

Jordan Falco said...

It’s been only six days since Halloween
But I’m already seeing red, white, and green
In every window and store
It really makes my eyes sore
Have they forgotten all about Thanksgiving?

no, not amelia. said...

by the time a cherry has been popped
you might start to wish you had stopped
realize what you did-
now you have a kid!
that's why i am going to adopt.

The Medievalist said...

There once was wine from Nantucket,
And of course in came in a bucket,
The price was so low,
That in the dark it did glow,
The hangover's so bad you can't duck it.

Shane Alexander said...

How about the d.drummer's limerick,
Could she be that smart of a chick.
To poetically whine
And show some real spine
Against Dan's parenthetical schtick.