November 07, 2007

Limerick Tuesday IV - The results

There is a definite trend upward in quality. A formidable batch of Irish Rhyming, if I do say so. Three categories of awards here.

The "Scary Morality Myth Reference" Award goes to... Jared Pike
Any man's got to know what it takes
To shower those urinal cakes
But Dad always told me,
"Don't pee so boldly;
You'll go blind with more than three shakes."
For Jared - this fabulous prize!
The "Sounds Like You're Speaking from [hic] Experience" Award goes to... The Medievalist
There once was wine from Nantucket,
And of course in came in a bucket,
The price was so low,
That in the dark it did glow,
The hangover's so bad you can't duck it.
For The Medievalist - this fabulous prize!
The "If You're Going to Insult the Judge, Be Pithy" Award goes to ... The Dada Drummer and Shane Alexander.
I'm the kind of guy who you can say anything to, as long as it's clever. I am also under the mistaken impression that I can say anything to other people, as long as it's clever. I got beat up in junior high... often. Anyway, props to DADA DRUMMER for calling me out in rhyme. And special props to SHANE for his response to DADA in limerick form. No better way to start a Wednesday than with dialectical limerickry.

The Dada Drummer:

In writing limerick topics too fast
Unexposed Granite spoke like a smart ass.
This blog friend of mine
Said all women whine.
And now this poor boy's failed my class!

Shane Alexander:

How about the d.drummer's limerick,
Could she be that smart of a chick.
To poetically whine
And show some real spine
Against Dan's parenthetical schtick.

You'll have to share this prize here.

And finally, I wanted to give the urinal etiquette topic a try:

With urinals it is always wise,
To pick one not near other guys,
Look up or look down,
Don't make any sounds,
But customary urinal sighs.

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The Dada Drummer said...

The Dada Drummer says you're welcome for the public spanking. Anytime. Really.