November 05, 2007

There are 6 original stories in the world, and 2 of them end badly

It's no secret that the narrative arts rely very heavily on stories that date back to folklore. And they use them over and over again. But I thought it might be fun to trace some of the stories and get your help.

I'm particularly interested in pop culture that appropriates long-standing myths for cheap commercial fun. (But who isn't?)

THE FAUST MYTH - A man signs his life away to the devil to get what he wants

THE VALIANT LITTLE TAILOR - A man's humble accomplishment is misinterpreted and he is cast into a role of hero (for which he is unsuited)

  • Brave Little Tailor - Mickey Mouse swats seven flies, but the village thinks he means "dragons" when he brags of killing seven in one shot. This one is a pretty deliberate nod to the original Brothers Grimm story.
  • A Shark's Tale
  • The Seven Samurai / The Dirty Dozen
  • The Three Amigos
  • A Bug's Life
RELUCTANT PARTNERS - Two unlike characters forced together by circumstances overcome external odds and forge friendship
  • Toy Story
  • Rush Hour movies
  • Lethal Weapon movies (ugh)
  • 48 Hours
  • Shrek movies

I'll be back for more as they occur to me, but feel free to mention the ones you'd like to see added to our lists, or new story lines to add.

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Dada Drummer said...

You need to include LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS under your Faustus list!

"Feed me Seymour!"