October 08, 2007

When Christians complain that Art is upsetting

My friend Ron Reed, a director in Vancouver recently posted this at Artsandfaith.com and I had to share it.

A literature teacher I had who was approached by a young student after the first class in a literature course.

The student challenged him: "Why are you making us read all these upsetting books? Will they make me a better Christian?"

The professor wisely responded, "No. But if you read them, there will be more of you to be Christian with."


Jake Link said...

Hey Mr. Buck! What happend to your facebook profile??? Well, I was looking for you to give the link to an amazing video we made at school. Since the computers have built in webcams, on monday (we had a substitute teacher in business who was a pushover) I decided to record myself dancing. Someone put the video on the classes server and everyone watched and wanted me to do more the next day. I wanted to dance to the entire song and when I ran out of ideas, I got more people to dance with me. The result is the following epic masterpiece:


The quality is greatly reduced on Youtube unfortunately, but it's still pretty funny.


DanBuck said...

Thanks for the link Jake, I'll check it out.

I cancelled my Facebook account. It was taking over my life. :)

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