October 16, 2007

Limerick Tuesday!

Welcome to a new Unexposed Granite regular feature called Limerick Tuesday.
(inspired by Haiku Friday on a fellow BaylorBlogger's site - Osler's Razor.)

Here's how it works:

I give you three topics on Tuesday Morning. And in the comments, you write a limerick or two or forty. I will pick the winner(s) by Wednesday. Sound fun? Let's give it a go shall we?

  1. The Emergent Church - feel free to be mean or kind
  2. Your current workplace (tell us what it is if the limerick doesn't explain)
  3. McDonald's Monopoly game.

Here's my effort:

Topic #3:
I stomach foods that defy my dietary code
All in the hopes of hitting the mother load
But after gaining a ton
All I have really won
Is McDiarreah and 32 Reading Railroads


Brian Bateman said...

Our church changed liturgical roots:
On Sundays, no dresses or suits.
The candles are hip;
As a side benefit,
We lost all our crotchety coots

Jason Francis said...

I have two:

They think they’re oh so witty.
They decide to form a committee.
The bible they love.
Forget God above.
Surprise! Their theology’s shitty.

Out in the world all alone
I looked for a church of my own.
I found me a place
That seemed to be ace.
The problem was God wasn’t home.

Jared Pike said...

Monopoly promises cash flow
Brings smiles from here to El Paso
What McDonald's is rollin'
Is bad for the colon
And gives new meaning to "Pass/Go"

jared pike said...

The church is updating with urgency
To fight the agnostic insurgency
The pope's standing firm
And Catholics don't squirm
They're waiting for their own Emergent See

DanBuck said...

oh we're off to a good start! Keep 'em comin'!!

Michael Summers said...

My job is to sit in this room,
the girls around me will swoon,
my arms i will flex,
and show off my pecs,
too bad I've been fat since the womb.

The Chair said...

My work is a place of great drama
Where we read of old Oed and his mama
The students like playing
The Regents like praying
That's why there's always such trauma.