October 16, 2007

Limerick Tuesday; The Results

The first LIMERICK TUESDAY was an enormous success. Not only did we get several very good entries, but we had lots of people visiting the blog to see if they could give it a go.

Congratulations to our winners! Each of you may pick one of the topics before next Tuesday. You may leave it in the comments to this post.

And now….

Third place goes to “The Chair” (Chair of a Theatre Dept that shall remain nameless):

On “Where I Work Currently”

My work is a place of great drama

Where we read of old Oed and his mama

The students like playing

The Regents like praying

That's why there's always such trauma.

Special props for being on a nickname basis with Oedipus Rex.

Second Place goes to Jared Pike

On “McDonald’s Monopoly”

Monopoly promises cash flow

Brings smiles from here to El Paso

What McDonald's is rollin'

Is bad for the colon

And gives new meaning to "Pass/Go"

Some rhythm troubles in line two, but the last line more than makes up for it.

And the winner is... Brian Bateman.

On “The Emergent Church”

Our church changed liturgical roots:

On Sundays, no dresses or suits.

The candles are hip;

As a side benefit,

We lost all our crotchety coots

A clear winner with strong rhythm and loving satire. Self-aware and effacing, how very postmodern.

Thanks all for playing. Come back next week for Limerick Tuesday!

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