October 18, 2007

What I'm writing

So, a while back I shared what I was reading, now I'll share what I'm writing (Academic or otherwise):

Untitled Photographer Play: (Full-length - or maybe one act) This idea has been bouncing around in my head for months now. And it's picked up steam after learning more about Brecht and the commedia dell'arte. PLOT: There's a photographer whose work is incredible, immediately loved by all who see it. Young, old, critically-minded, simple-minded, experts, novices. Everybody. The photographer is much the same way. He is kind, and compassinate, very engaging and inspiring. And he's mute. Which adds to the intrigue about him because you get the sense that his art and his manner speak more clearly for him than a voice ever could. But very quickly the audience discovers that he's faking it. He can speak fine. And he's an a-hole. (I have almost 20 pages done on this one)

Ten-Minute Secret Play: I have written a play for the upcoming Horton Foote Festival (at which Tina Howe will be honored). Ms. Howe has also tossed in a ten-minute playwriting competition as part of her visit and her paramters are specific and wacky.
  • Have your play take place before, during or after a major disaster (Flood, hurricane, earthquake what-have-you)
  • Characters must include "your mom, a tour guide, and a photographer."
  • Allow there to be a moment where the dialogue becomes gibberish
  • Let there be silences.

I can't tell you more about my specific script (Which is 90% done) until the contest is over, because some of the judges read this blog and it's supposed to be annonymous. But it's fun and weird.

Papers about:

  • Commedia dell'arte
  • Lope de Vega
  • Mother Courage and Her Children

I know it's a bit weird to discuss your assignments on your blog, but the learning I'm doing and my passions are very closesly tied write[right] now. Which is a good place to be.


The Medievalist said...

Dan, I sent you an email about Lope, but if you would like to get together and have coffee to discuss the matter, just let me know when. The Medievalist

The Dada Drummer said...
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The Dada Drummer said...

Best typo of the week:

"the learning I'm doing and my passions are very closely tied WRITE now."

I love a good Freudian slip, Dan. Always keep your learning and passion closely tied to writing! You'll do great!