February 19, 2006

Theories on ABC’s Lost – and some random observations.

Theories on ABC’s Lost – and some random observations.

Okay, a project for my Sunday evening, because I can’t handle one more Tye Pennington megaphone tirade! I’m going to blog my thoughts on ABC’s Lost. I have theories or partial theories and I want to put them in one place. I’ve tried to keep this pretty simple, as I could go on forever into the details. Trust me, the message boards I’ve researched get pretty ridiculous. I even read one theory about who on the island has dimples and who does not. I’ve narrowed things to what I find most important or relevant.

SPOILERS – Well they’re only spoilers if I’m right. There’s nothing here about Episodes that haven’t yet aired.

Big Picture - As I step back and take a wider view of all things Lost, I most conclude that there are really only two possibilities.

1. They are all dead and are in some sort of spiritual realm.

2. They are alive and are part of an elaborate experiment (conducted by anyone from wealthy, brilliant scientists to aliens or supernatural figures).

Random observations

1. Personal demons – There is no denying that everyone on the island is in some way dealing with their fears, sins or bad decisions on the island. In fact, it seems to me the most pervasive theme and subject matter of the show. This, in my opinion, leans toward a purgatory reading of the island. I am, however, no longer content with my purgatory theory as the end all solution to the story.

2. Children – There are two children among the survivors and both have been targeted/kidnapped by the others and both seem to be special. It has been implied that Walt has some special powers and that Claire’s baby NEEDS to be with his mother the SIGH-KICK* almost seemed afraid of the baby). We could have a Christ-Figure and Anti-Christ Figure on our hands.

3. The Others – They seem almost superhuman. Perhaps angels, perhaps fallen angels. Are they the supervisors of this grand experiment. They clearly know about the hatch and what goes on within. The spokesman for the others says Locke was responsbile for “opening doors that shouldn’t be opened” in the torchlight confrontation in the jungle.

4. Dharma – There seem to be multiple “Bunkers” each with their own version of the Dharma symbol. There’s the Swan Bunker, the one the hatch leads to where the Countdown machine exists. There’s the arrow bunker, where the others were, and indistinguishable bunker logo on the back of the sharks that were swimming around Michael and Sawyer and in previews there’s another logo on a new hatch. research project as theIt seems likely that each station is designed to study various things (if this island IS, in fact, a training film explains).

5. The monster/black cloud – It’s clear this cloud is some sort of moral judge or perhaps death itself. Locke looked into it and found peace and Mr. Ecko saw images of his past inside it.

6. The Numbers – I might be alone on this, and this certainly is a by-product of my spiritual reading into the series, but I believe the numbers represent the mathematical version of the name of God. See the movie Pi for more on this idea.

7. Other comments / Questions

a. Hurley is the key to the whole story

b. Where the heck did Desmond go?

c. The countdown went past zero last week and an arrangement of symbols (Egyptian Hieroglyphs) appeared on the number display and from my best research the word they spelled could best be interpreted “to kill” or “to murder.”

*NOTE: I removed the proper spelling of the word above, because the Adsense Webcrawler was putting bizarre ads on my page as a result. So apologies for the phonetic spelling.

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Edison in a moth-eaten ghillie suit said...

Here' a thought: Since the discovery/opening of the hatch, Lost explanations have moved from the spiritual to the scientific. The audience only does this on the most recent evidence the writers work into the show. Before the hatch, characters would talk about earning points for the after life and that no one could survive the crash. Now, they punch in numbers and watch training films. Should the past "evidence" be forgotten? Can we take what is said in conversations to be hints or just idle speculation by the characters? Seems to me that the writers are messing with us, but I guess that's what we want.