February 19, 2006

BEWARE: Killer Gopher Tortoises

It is certainly not my intent to reduce this blog to a "Strange Signs and Flyers" Website (some of you may think that'd be an improvement) but this caught my eye when my school went to a local park to do a service project. The sign is funny for a couple reasons:
1. I didn't know there was such a thing as a gopher tortoise.
2. Apparently, when people capture these creatures their first instinct must be to come to this park and release them, since they had to make a sign about it.
3. The diagram.

Another Buck Bud
On an unrelated note, my friend, Chris Hansen, a screenwriter and professor at Baylor University, he has entered the blogopshere. Check him out if you get the chance. He is neither a gopher tortoise, nor a danger to other species (as far as I know).

1 comment:

Chris Hansen said...

aha! i am BOTH a gopher tortoise AND a danger to other species. but my blog isn't.

thanks for the plug, mr. buck.