October 27, 2005

What's Got My Attention - 10-27-05

As much as I loathe moving the attention off of myself, I had to mention a book I've been reading.

By Mark Steele

If I'm not this man already, this is the man I want to be. Mark Steele has written a fantastic and funny-as-hell book about the spiritual journey. With the thirst for comic truth of Anne Lamott and the delightful attention-deficit of Kurt Vonnegut he will have you laughing your way to self-understanding.

I'm only a chapter in and I'm floored. His website and the attached site of his production company are both impressive. This guy does a little bit of everything... well.

Check out him and his book.

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Edison in a moth-eaten ghillie suit said...

I just finished the first chapter (online). He’s hysterically funny. There’s meat in there too. I might just pick it up, but I have enough unread books on my bookshelf. Isn’t it ironic that educational establishments actually discourage reading books you actually want to read?