October 19, 2005

My Play: An Update

For what its worth, I may have painted too bleak a picture of how my play was received.

From one of the producers:
Too bad we didn't find time to talk more about your script. There's lots to talk about, and yes - the producers who were there all felt it was the work of a real playwright. Not having talked with you at any length about the play or the responses you got, I'd be interested to know what led you to decide to simply set this one aside, "mourn it" and then move on to another. If that's primarily because the producers "passed" on your script, I'd challenge your perceptions/expectations of the symposium: as far as I know, not one play read at the event has yet led to a production by any of the participating companies - and we've heard a number of scripts that have been very fine. The Symp just isn't that kind of showcase: it isn't anything like an audition. Whether anyone there showed interest in producing your play should have no bearing whatsoever on your decisions regarding its future. More details if you'd like to pursue the question.

If you've got another idea for a play, or can come up with one, and really would rather launch in on Play Number Two rather than hang around Justice any longer, more power to you! There may be wisdom in that strategy - as I've been contemplating with my own writing.

But if you've still got rewriting in you, there's also real value in seeing your play staged. And don't you have the power to stage it, at your school, or within your church community perhaps, or?.... I think further revision could yield a perfectly stageworthy play that actors would be thrilled to be part of - nothing quite like originating a role - and audiences would be well served by.

If you're sick of it, or really do want to move forward, go for it. But I just wanted to make sure you didn't jump too quickly to the parachute station. My first play wasn't nearly as strong as yours: if I hadn't seen it onstage, would I have written as good a second play? Or third, or fourth, or tenth, or...? Who can say? But I wanted to raise the point


Chris Dinger said...

Dan, I initially felt very upset by the first post, but now I am unsure exactly how it has effected you. Are you going to mount the grueling task of rewriting, or are you going to move on? Yes, I said "mount the grueling".

DanBuck said...

Rewrite - yes, eventually. But not right away. I need to tell a new story, perhaps for the sake of the old one. When I got my contact lenses for the first time, the lady told me, the surest way to make the first one sit comfortably in your eye, is to move on to the next one.

Chris Dinger said...

Very wise Dan, very wise.

Let's do another movie night. When's your babies mama out of town again?

Actually, I enjoy watching movies with her too, so I give her permission to be at her house during movie night.

Edison in a moth-eaten ghillie suit said...

Yes, I agree. Let's impose an event on your property. Let's have another movie night; or if anyone's up for Halo 1 ...