November 03, 2005

Films for the SOUL - Arts&Faith Top100 Spiritually Significant Films

The Arts & Faith website I mentioned a few posts ago has made public its new Top 100 Spiritually Significant Films.
Rank Title
1 Rosetta
2 The Passion of Joan of Arc
3 The Decalogue
4 The Diary of a Country Priest
5 Balthazar
6 The Word
7 The Gospel According to Matthew
8 Babette's Feast
9 The Son
10 To Live
11 The Apostle
12 Stalker
13 The Mission
14 The Seventh Seal
15 Dead Man Walking
16 A Man Escaped
17 Jesus of Montreal
18 Andrei Rublev
19 A Man for All Seasons
20 Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans
21 Chariots of Fire
22 Winter Light
23 The Miracle Maker
24 Day of Wrath
25 Wit
26 Sansho the Bailiff
27 Magnolia
28 Three Colors Trilogy
29 The Flowers of St. Francis
30 Wings of Desire
31 My Night at Maud's
32 La Promesse
33 Nostalghia
34 The Greatest Love
35 The Passion Of The Christ
36 Tender Mercies
37 Jesus of Nazareth
38 Ponette
39 The Apu Trilogy
40 Shadowlands
41 Wild Strawberries
42 Trial of Joan of Arc
43 Werckmeister Harmonies
44 The Mirror
45 Becket
46 The Sacrifice
47 Nazarin
48 To End All Wars
49 Schindler's List
50 Breaking The Waves
51 The Hiding Place
52 It's A Wonderful Life
53 Peter and Paul
54 The Big Kahuna
55 Dogville
56 Not of This World
57 Solaris
58 Yi Yi: A One and a Two
59 The Straight Story
60 Luther
61 A Taste of Cherry
62 The Gospel of John
63 Lilies of the Field
64 Tokyo Story
65 To Kill a Mockingbird
66 Hotel Rwanda
67 Dersu Uzala
68 Faust
69 Tales of Ugetsu
70 The Last Temptation Of Christ
71 Stevie
72 Millions
73 Open City
74 The Lord of the Rings trilogy
75 Rashomon
76 The Believer
77 Jean de Florette / Manon of the Spring
78 Late Spring
79 The Night Of The Hunter
80 Life is Beautiful
81 The Bicycle Thief
82 Close-Up
83 The Addiction
84 Cries and Whispers
85 The Wind Will Carry Us
86 The Virgin Spring
87 Pickpocket
88 Les Misérables
89 The Trip to Bountiful
90 2001: A Space Odyssey
91 Romero
92 The Shawshank Redemption
93 13 Conversations About One Thing
94 The Silence
95 An Autumn Afternoon
96 The Elephant Man
97 Amadeus
98 Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
99 In America
100 Unforgiven

I have seen it.
I have seen it and recommend it.
Be sure to check out the page itself, it has links to discussions of the films and places to rent or buy them.


jhyshark said...

What a great list. We are thinking of signing up for some movie service so we can actually get movies that are more than a few months old. We don't live near any big cities. We will have to give up the newspaper to do it, but the movies may win out. I'm SO tired of wanting to see some really great movie, or even something unknown that I've heard about, but then can't get it.

DanBuck said...

Yes, one of my students recently went to a store that shall remain unnamed (but which rhymes with Frockbuster), and they had never heard of CITIZEN KANE?!?!? Unbelievable. Subsription services are the only way to go. I've had outstanding luck with Netflix. Great service, in my opinion.

jhyshark said...

Yup, we are looking hard at Netflix. Of course they only have DVD's. Some old things of interest to me are only on VHS- like watching life through vaseline, but if it's all there is, well... I suppose scripturally we really are seeing life through some greased up window, eh?

BTW... yes, nice family!