June 27, 2008

Tape opens and gets reviewed!

We opened last night with a great show. Nearly 60 in attendance which is good for a Thursday in the summer. And a responsive crowd as well. Lots of students and Carl Hoover, of the Waco-Tribune whose review appears here. He talks more about his feelings about the play (which are mixed) than his feelings about the performance of it (which are positive). It's hard not to pin too much on reviews; especially the first real one I've ever received. So I'm glad it's mostly good.

Ultimately though, I know the show is very strong. My actors are amazing, and they play each moment exquisitely. I've worked hard on being "precise" in my direction this time around. Something I've been criticized for previously. And I think it's paid off. Especially in these last five days of rehearsal.

Here are some of the nice things people said:
"Your best work"
"It's as good as a movie"
"I felt the tension"
"I've read the play before, and I didn't like it. But you guys made me appreciate the play."
"I liked Vince's character and Jon's wardrobe, oh.. and Vince's cologne... mmm"

If you've seen the show and want to talk about it, this seems like as good a place as any. Leave your thoughts, comments and questions in a comment, or email them to me directly and we'll talk about the show here.

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