June 25, 2008

Join me in the protest!

Dear Friend,

It saddens me to report that a fine Christian institution of higher learning has succumbed to the perils of smut.

Baylor University's Theatre (suspiciously abbreviated BUT) is mounting a production of a play that explores so-called "mature themes" with so-called "adult language". These are of course, merely euphemistic justifications for the arts further embracing of the world's fascination with potty talk and otherwise questionable material. The play is called Tape and it's about two young men who are clearly NOT Christians talking about things that would never be mentioned in a song by MercyMe!

Please join me in protesting this play! I am encouraging us to be well informed in our protests which means I recommend seeing the production multiple times.

The play runs June 26, 27, 28 at 7:30 PM in Theatre 11 of Baylor's Hooper-Schaefer Fine Arts Center. Tickets are $10.

You may call and order tickets over the phone or stop by the box office during their business hours. (254) 710-1865

For further information about this theatrical abomination go to http://www.baylor.edu/theatre/index.php?id=54859.

Spread the word!

Dan Buck
Moral Guardian

Remember, if God intended the arts to be interesting, he wouldn't have created Thomas Kincaid.


The Cachinnator said...

Solidarity, brother.

K-to-the-elsey said...

you're weird...but I'll be there... :)

The Medievalist said...

Dear Unexposed G,
I highly approve of this post. Boy are you in trouble. Hope the play was a smash--too far away to come, sorry! The Medievalist