May 09, 2008

Theology with my son...

So, my boys saw the latest film adaptation of CS Lewis's "The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe". I have my problems with the film, but it's not bad and I'm thrilled to introduce them to the world of Narnia.

When the movie ended we had this conversation: (I'm trying to be smarter about using names on the internet, so I'll use my son's preferred Superhero name for himself.)
Me: So, what happened to the Aslan?
Super E: They killed him.
Me: That's right.
Super E: Then he came back to life.
Me: That's right. Who else do we know that died and came back to
Super E: Jesus! Wait.... he IS Jesus!
Me: Good, E! The man who wrote this story knew the story of Jesus and wanted to tell it in a new way.
Super E: What about the witch?
Me: Well, the witch is Satan.
Super E: Who?
Me: Satan was an angel a long time ago, who thought he could be as good as God so God kicked him out of heaven. Now, he tries to make people stop
loving Jesus and he gets us to make bad choices that hurt ourselves or
Super E: The witch died.
Me: Yep.
Super E: Is Satan dead?
Me: No, but we know from the Bible that God wins in the end!
Super E: Is hot coffee healthy?
Me: Um... no. Not really.


Anonymous said...

You just wait until he composes a theology of hot coffee. You'll be proud then.

Adria said...