May 02, 2008

Measure for Measure - My Shakespeare Debut

Today, in workshop (a performance for the theatre department), my Shakespeare scene will go up. One hour (and ten minutes), fourteen actors, 2000 lines of Shakespearean text, a dozen scene changes, a lighting director, stage manager and my own personal cutting of the script make this the biggest effort I've put forward while here at Baylor. (And the biggest cast I've had since Judgement at Nuremberg, four years ago.) Prayers are coveted and if you're passing thru Waco at 3 PM, stop in the Jones Theatre. You'll first get to see my crazy-brilliant counter part taking a shot at Twelfth Night. Then you'll get to see...


We'll be performing it again at the Waco Hippodrome on Tuesday May 6th at 10 AM.

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