March 18, 2008


Welcome back everybody. And welcome to newcomers. Here are this week's limerick topics:

1. Robert DeNiro
2. Charlie The Unicorn
3. Purgatory
4. Tight black t-shirts and the men who wear them.
5. Manifest Destiny

You are welcome to create a limerick using one or many of the above topics. Submit them in the comments section. I'll take entries until midnight Wednesday. Prizes will be awarded.

Good luck!


Anonymous said...

Tight black tees are really big hits,
They help to hide stains in the pitts,
And Simon Cowell raves,
He says they're his faves,
Because they help hide his man tits.

Jason said...


He goes by the name Mr. Tex
With cannons and almighty pecs.
There's hair on his back
Neathe a t-shirt of black.
Well, we think. But nobody checks.


Well, of course, you've heard the story.
There's a place 'tween hell and glory
Where God on a spree
Lets penitents free.
And they run from purgatory.

It's all such a lark, don't you know?
That God would let penitents go?!
From what I've heard,
Says narry a word,
Just points and they slip down below.

Yet, He's known for amazing grace.
He'll wash the crap off with no trace.
An inbetween spot?
Where you suffer your lot?
It could be there is no such place.

Fashion Figures said...


i once had lunch with deniro;
i told him that he is my hero.
said with smile on his face,
"let's go back to my place."
i said, "i might need some more beer-o."

#2 (with an excessive amount of slant rhyme)

we've run outta room for the little'uns,
and we have no more space for our minions.
manifest destiny
will set us all free!
well, maybe... except for those indians.

jared pike said...

There's a place between death and birth
Where you determine what your soul is worth
Eternal smile or frown
You go up or you go down
There's a name... what's it called... oh yeah... EARTH!