March 20, 2008


Some newcomers and some strong lyrics this week.

Third Place goes to Fashion Figures who confesses to fudging the rhymes a bit, but in this judge's opinion, it was worth it.
we've run outta room for the little'uns,
and we have no more space for our minions.
manifest destiny
will set us all free!
well, maybe... except for those indians.
Your prize.

Second Place goes to The Cachinnator.
Tight black tees are really big hits,
They help to hide stains in the pitts,
And Simon Cowell raves,
He says they're his faves,
Because they help hide his man tits.
Your "prize."

In First Place - Jason, who created an impressive purgatory limerick epic, but it was his biographical limerick on a man he calls Mr. Tex that took the prize.
He goes by the name Mr. Tex
With cannons and almighty pecs.
There's hair on his back
Neathe a t-shirt of black.
Well, we think. But nobody checks.
Your prize .

Thanks for participating, everybody. See you next week. Spread the word.

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