March 04, 2008


Here are your topics for Limerick Tuesday XIX:
  • Shakespeare
  • Pierogi
  • Wayne Brady
  • Playground equipment (vintage or contemporary)

As always, write a limerick on one or combined topics and post it int he comments section. Good luck. (I think I'll give you till midnight Wednesday to answer)


Falco said...

Every one has comfort food,
So when I’m in a downright bad mood
I just get nice and cozy,
And fry up some pierogi
And get rid of that bad attitude.

The Medievalist said...
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The Medievalist said...

I'll post my limerick later today--I'm still recovering from 14 hours and 809 voters yesterday at the polls...

jared pike said...

Henry the eighth loved the twelfth night
While othello is just as you like
But we have much ado
When we all tame the shrew
Of the merry wives' midsummer night

jared pike said...

Those fried doughy dumplings are nasty
But no worse than a Burger King patty
You don't know disgust
Till you've eaten the crust
Of a mincemeat-filled Michigan pastie

Story behind this one. I vacationed once in the upper peninsula of Michigan, and kept seeing signs by the side of the road advertising "Pasties" for sale. Now, perhaps you don't share my lexicographical prurience, but to me the word "pasties" (sounds like "paste") always meant those tassels that strippers stick onto their nipples to ensure that they are "clothed" by Supreme Court standards (please don't bother going to Google and Wikipedia to confirm). Was there a nascent erotica industry here in the iron belt of Michigan? No, it turns out that a pasty was a pierogi-like pastry, filled with steak, potato, onions, and other things, baked into a pie crust. It actually wasn't half bad. And thankfully, I never saw real "pasties" for sale by the side of the road.

jared pike said...

Don't hate on Wayne Brady 'cuz he's black
Or 'cuz his game show on Fox is wack
He's been honored and praised
But we should be amazed
That the dude got his start at SAK!

jared pike said...

We chimpanzees smoke our cigars
But your language is different from ours
We just need a beer
And the sign says right here
So why are kids at your "monkey bars"?

Three Carrots said...

That August day couldn’t have been hotter,
As I jumped on my favorite teeter-totter.
I went down with a “thunck!”
And there I was stuck
‘Cause my ass had sadly gotten fatter!

Shane Alexander said...

To rhyme or not to rhyme?
Well, in limericks it is a crime.
To end a verse
with syllables diverse
is to make poetry that's now worth a dime.

It may be a stretch on the Shakespeare theme, but here it is such as it is.

Saint Antic said...

There once was an Okie from Muskogee
He dropped in to have a pierogi
I said it was tosh,
if he had just a nosh,
But he found my words quite hokey

The Medievalist said...

There once was a man from Denmark,
Whose nature was really quite dark,
He got into a fight,
And he wasn't too bright,
And was as dead as a granite landmark.