September 03, 2006

Oh, to Become Famous for Watching!

This clipping from the Orlando Sentinel shows Wayne Brady appearing at Sak Comedy Lab (Sat. Sept. 2nd). He just popped in and jumped into the show. The SAKtor (as they are called) behind him is Chris Dinger, a student of mine, who has become a good friend. I called him to make fun of him for failing to appear in a photo in which he is perfoming alongside Brady (which he did often that night), but rather for being captured looking like a star-struck wannabee. A couple observations:
  1. Why didn't this happen 24 hours earlier in the show I hosted?!
  2. I believe the paper flipped this photo for some reason because the word on Brady's shirt is backwards.
  3. If I'm ever in a photo with someone who is respected in a field I consider my own, I hope a verb other than "watches" is used to describe my role in the event.


Chris Dinger said...

Yeah, instead of "watches" it should say, "restrains his humor to graciously give way to Wayne".

His shirt is correct, the picture wasn't flipped. We were playing lounge lizards, I WAS PLAYING UP THE GAME BY SMILING!!! SUPPORTING MY TEAM!

DanBuck said...

Yeah, it's a good thing yuo were supporting Brady on Lounge Lizards. I heard he's weak on music games.