February 19, 2008



1. Pit Stains
2. Eternal Salvation
3. Christian Make-up

As always, write a limerick for one topic or all of them and submit it in the comments of this post.

Good luck!


The Dada Drummer said...

Does God care about skin and perspiration?
Do Christian beauty products offer Salvation?
St. Peter may chastise me
But it’ll MIGHTY surprise me
If Luther was talking about THAT kind of FOUNDATION!

jared pike said...

Some people think they're mighty clever
They'll talk their way into Forever
It'll surprise joke tellers
Whether hev'ners or hellers
That St. Peter ain't pulling the lever

jared pike said...

My friends and I were matching wits
And after the bell came the blitz
"Two corn!" "One wheat!"
Kicked the table with my feet;
Spilled some coffee. That stain's the Pits

jared pike said...

Were the church women in one accord?
It seems "quiet spirits" got outscored
They argued about modesty
But one spoke up honestly,
"Forget that; I'm lookin' good for the Lord!"

Three Carrots said...

O God! I dread eternal pits of fire!
Saints preserve me from hellish quagmire!
But its not sin I mean--
It's something less clean--
My fearsome tendency to perspire!

Saint Antic said...

People wonder about Heaven or Hell
Where they belong after death's knell
I'll tell you my friend
God decides in the End
Believe in him, and ye shall be swell

The Medievalist said...

My t-shirt is ruined I think,
I remember it used to be pink,
But the sun's beating down,
On top of my crown,
And my pits are beginning to stink.

Shane Alexander said...

Some people worry about Hell,
They've heard it can last quite a spell.
So they listen to sermons
A bad preacher determines
Will induce guilt when he starts to yell.