February 13, 2008

Limerick Tuesday XVI - The Results

This week we saw a return to form by Jared Pike. The "gattling gun" limerickster. He writes so many of them, he's bound to hit thre target eventually.

But this week you have to respect the fact that he attempted a limerick in Spanish. (in honor of Charo)
miro Charo en todos las mes
la línea siguiente es tres
apesto mi idioma
haga lo que toma
esto habría rimado en inglés

Even though I speak a little Spanish, I had to use an online translator for this one and here's the best I could come up with...
I look at Charo in all the month
the following line is three
I infect my language with the plague
do what it takes
this would have rhymed in English
That might require some explanation.

And yet, while Jared's attempt at mastering Spanish culture leaves me befuddled, I have to respect his grasp of middle-America mall culture. He clearly spent more than one saturday afternoon in the Tilt. Your prizes 1. This amazingly cool website. 2. This puzzler of a website. (What does it mean?)

In addition to Jared's prize, the professor/blogger The Medievalist claims his second consecutive win with his dual tribute to Charo and free samples.
I went to buy groceries with Charo,
Noting that things were muy caro,
But the samples were free,
And we ate for no fee,
As if there were no tomorrow.

Your Prize:

Holy Crap.


jared pike said...

I like how they introduce the show as "the incomprehensible Charo", rather than "incomparable." Very clever.

The Medievalist said...

Gotta love Charo.