January 16, 2008

Limerick Tuesday XII - The Results

Well done everybody!

Three winners this week

carver on Wal-tussin...
When your child's cough leaves you irrate,
Give them Wal-tussin to expectorate.
But I give you fair warning,
When you get up next morning,
Their room you'll have to redecorate.
Truly disgusting and worthy of praise.Your prize! (Read the "Function")

Joey on Syllabus Shock
"Essay" this, and "grading scale" that.
My syllabi stack is so fat.
My heart's only solace,
Is that Jazz Prof. Gonzales,
Didn't fill hers with any old scat.
Not only is solace/Gonzales an excellent rhyme, but you have to love the dual meaning of scat! Truly impressive. Your prize!

The Dada Drummer on Syllabus Shock (from the professor's viewpoint)...
Creating each semester's class syllabus
Is my personal Scylla and Charybdis.
I want to rock your head
Without killing you dead
I'd worry less if I quit and smoked cannabis.
Your prize!(From the website: "Looks like a pen in your pocket! Great for passing around at bigger parties.")

We'll be back next week, but come back before then, I've got some more of my favorite films ready for publishing.


carver said...

I'm a big fan of anything that "dispel(s) external wind".

DanBuck said...

Yeah, like your mom.