December 19, 2007


Well done everybody. The Top Ten will be posted next Tuesday - my little Christmas present to you all. You can still vote for the best -- or your own -- limericks here.

And for this week's winners...

Two limericks both dedicated to the Dudley Moore/Bo Derek Film "Ten"

The Medievalist...

There once was a ten named Bo Derek,
whose looks were quite esoteric,
She hooked up with a Moore,
Which was really a bore,
But the Bolero was almost Homeric.

Well done Medievalist... your prize.

And secondly...
Brian Bateman ...
I cannot recall being ten;
My memory’s faded since then.
Recollection is muddly
On Pearl Jam and Dudley,
But I remember Bo’s shiny, wet skin!

And for Brian... this GEM of a prize.

We won't have a contest next week, just a posting of the top ten limericks.


The Medievalist said...

Alright! Now where am I going to hang that prize? Thanks for sponsoring our contest. It's a lot of fun.

DanBuck said...

No problem. It's fun for me too, as if you couldn't tell.

And by the way, you don't hang that prize. You play it. It's a sub-par 80's jazz album.