November 27, 2007


It's that time again!

Here are your topics du jour:

  • Turkey Leftover options

  • The Super Friends

Have fun!


Brian Bateman said...

I know a Christ-biker named Zeke
He always displays Harley Chic
In the old days he shaved
(Before he got saved)
And he was a bowtie-chic-geek

Anonymous said...

After Turkey Day at Bruce Wayne's
Robin was having stomach pains
So curious, they looked
Because Joker had cooked
Batman's dead parents' remains.

... I've never done one before.


Prof. Osler said...

I know a guy from the theater
Danced with a monkey like Dieter
A contest he's having
On Limerick crafting
The Drummer, I'll surely beat her!

Prof. Osler said...

Just to explain.. the Drummer and I are SuperFriends!

Shane Alexander said...
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Shane Alexander said...
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Anonymous said...

There once was a pastor named Shane
Who had a theological brain
He tells us of Jesus
Whose sacrifice frees us
But Shane's rhymes about Him are all lame

Courtney Buck

The Medievalist said...

There was a hero named Flash,
Who was always involved in a clash,
He'd run here and there,
Disappearing in thin air,
But his speed always gave him a rash.

Shane Alexander said...

For the record, Mrs. Buck, the limerick was about Gobbler, not Jesus. The fact that he threw feces at bikers for Jesus is what makes him so very villainous. If they were Hell's Angels, they would find no sympathy here!

carver said...

The littlest Super Friend, the monkey named Gleek
His yellow unitard and cape were rather chic
But outside he went
When he embarrassed Clark Kent
By running the Hall of Justice streaka