November 28, 2007


We had a flurry of late-night activity in our contest.

One entry was submitted, removed, corrected, resubmitted, then criticized in another limerick, then removed altogether. A previous winner and respectable blogger who I will not name out of respect for he and his family, was having a bad limerick day. :) But we love him anyway, and hope he'll be back next week for more abuse.

In other Limerick smack-talk news, occasional submitter Prof Osler not only accurately described my dancing technique (he's apparently been looking in my windows when I'm alone) but also called out past-winner The Dada Drummer, who was Dada Sick and couldn't participate. Special props to his interpretation of the topic Super Friends.

And last week's winner Carver wins the obscure reference award for "Gleek," the monkey sidekick to the Super Friends. (In my neighborhood "gleeking" was a way of spitting that I never quite mastered.) But carver, I'm afraid, loses points for being after the midnight deadline, and for a painful rhyme in his last line.

Good to see a community arising out of this limerick contest, especially such a sarcastic one. I think Bonhoffer first declared sarcasm as a bedrock of community.
But our winner this week is newcomer Joey!

After Turkey Day at Bruce Wayne's
Robin was having stomach pains
So curious, they looked
Because Joker had cooked
Batman's dead parents' remains.

Catchy and combining two of the topics. A bit morose, but who am I to judge. Oh, wait! I am the judge, and I judge it's funny. Joey, here's your prize.

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Previous winner and respectable blogger said...

The only thing worse than using feces in a limerick is when you try to make it rhyme with Jesus. The only thing worse that trying to make feces rhyme with Jesus is that is doesn't rhyme. The only thing worse that trying to make a rhyme that doesn't rhyme is making that same mistake twice in one limerick (like trying to rhyme Gobbler and cobbler with liqueur for example). In such cases, all a boy can do is destroy all evidence that such a rhyme ever existed. But alas, a couple of Bucks saw it anyway! Next Tuesday, beware. For my lines will rhyme and I am going to reclaim my limericking honor.