November 20, 2007

LIMERICK TUESDAY VI - Thanksgiving Edition

Sorry, it's late...

TOPIC: Anything regarding Thanksgiving (your plans, your favorite/least favorite dish, football, deconstructing the Pilgrim myth) Whatever.

I'll be accepting answers today and tomorrow and I'll post the winners on THANKSGIVING!

Blessings friends!


Shane Alexander said...

The President pardoned our turkey,
Which left Thanksgiving plans quite murky.
So we served tofu
That was hard to chew.
Boy, that faux bird tasted quirky.

Jared Pike said...

The stuffing and turkey and ham
Contain lots of tryptophan
And I'm starting to doze...
'Cause as everyone knows...
It makes.... you.... zzzzzzzz......

carver said...

Thanksgiving Day at the girlfriend’s house,
In her room, we’re quiet as a mouse,
Her folks like me well,
But her father would yell,
If he saw my hand under her blouse.

Carver's Girlfriend's Dad said...

Thanksgiving is a day for carving,
For a family that is starving.
But lo and behold,
Is Carver that bold?
My eyes must be misobserving.

Good thing I have my carving knife handy!

DanBuck said...

A response to CARVER:

On this Thursday of Peace and Rest
We eat Turkey and count ourselves blest
I'm at her 'rents table
Across from aunt mable
And her dad asks me if I'd like a breast

Anonymous said...

Bowed my head as the dinner was blest,
Still thinking 'bout my girlfriend undressed
Put my hand on her leg, started working up high
When her Dad said "Hey! you can't have that thigh."

--this is not technically a limerick, but neither ar the others.

DanBuck said...

According to my sources a limerick follows the format:

Long line ending in rhyme A
Long line ending in rhyme A
Short line/rhyme B
Short line/rhyme B
Long line ending in rhyme A

Not sure what "anon" thinks a limerick is, but, he/she is right about one thing... hers/his is not one.

Somehow our topic has mutated into Heavy Petting at Thanksgiving. Which I think is probably what happened with the Pilgrims, so I'm okay with it.