October 22, 2007


It's that time again.

After a very successful first week of Limerification I'm looking forward to round two.

As before, the winners will get to choose the topics and one of last week's winners did just that. (#1 is his)

Good luck!!

  1. Chee-tos

  2. Infant Baptism

  3. Tony Romo

Bonus points will of course be given to anyone who can use all three.


The Dada Drummer said...

A Beliver Baptism's the best say's Pete Preacher.
"The converted sinner's choice is the main feature!"
But Salvation's all Grace
Where's our merit? No trace!
"O let the children come to me," says The Teacher!

Matt Oquist said...

infant baptism by immersion
may seem an extreme form of coercion
though sometimes they tinkle
when you try to sprinkle
the sacrament defies such assertion

J. Grant Dys said...

Who can handle that orange from the Cheeto?
Not a man, not a girl, not a Romo!
To remove the pollution,
The only solution,
Is to cover the kid’s hands in affusion.

There once was a man named Romo,
Whose team, at the church, was a no show.
To the water below,
His infant did go,
Only requesting a Covenant Chee-to.

Mark Osler said...

I once knew a playa named Tony
Unknown and fun and boney
Made me sick
When he held for the kick
We all let out one big groan-y.

Matt Oquist said...

discussions of infant baptism
have caused many Christians a schism
though we all read the Word
you'll find it's not absurd
'tis the nature of protest-antism

Matt Oquist said...

Some think baptism's a symbol
reserved just for the spiritually nimble.
Since infants are humble
some congregants rumble,
and their ministers gyre and gimble.

David said...

There once was an orange-faced baby
who smiled at his parents unshamef'ly;
they wiped off his mug
and then gave him a dunk
in the name of the Most Holy Trinity.

jakepride said...

We munch Cheetos during the promo
Replaying the baptism slow-mo
Sprinkled at birth
We know what that's worth
Everyone, meet "Cowman" Tony Romo


Thought I'd try the hardest one first.

Shane Alexander said...

Pedobaptists of this kind or that,
Cite precedents for sprinkling a brat.
But no major domo,
Not Aikman nor Romo,
Could excuse dunking Chester's young cat.

Shane Alexander said...

fyi, Chester is the tiger on all of your bags of Cheetos.

lindsay e said...

i simply can't dote on a cheeto
without showing love to a frito
and then there are lays
i could eat those for days
and lets not forget the dorito.