October 29, 2007


It's that time again...


Rock the house folks.

Topics: (quotes indicate topics "chosen by last week's winners")

  1. "cat ladies"
  2. "Seinfieldisms (and the nerds who insert them into almost every conversation)"
  3. "Left Behind" (The book and movie series)
  4. Halloween
As always, pick one, pick all four. Just have fun and use the following format.

On Topic #3:
I once read a book by Lahaye
That told the story of Earth's last days
but his theological woes
are worse than his prose
In Heaven he'll be
roomates with Thomas Kincaid.

Buck out.


Anonymous said...

Please delete the first one. Format goof.

A man, no gentleman from Spain,
Quite Master of His Domain.
Could go on for months
Avoiding bootie hunts!
Yet seemed never to
Succeed at besting Elaine.

--Rich Kennedy

The Medievalist said...
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The Medievalist said...

There was an author who wrote "Left behind,
But he didn't have much of a mind,
His books were quite boring,
He was quite off his mooring,
God help him if he's left behind.

Brian Bateman said...

We reject all this Halloween rot!
As Christians we’ve always been taught
To avoid worldly rites;
We’re at church on that night—
So our neighborly contact is naught

Brian Bateman said...

We’re absent on Halloween night;
The kids find our doors locked up tight.
When neighbors come ‘round
We’re ne’er to be found;
If they met us, that would be a fright!

Shane Alexander said...

If Christmas must yield to Festivus,
Halloween must become Eschatavus.
Why not try to recapture
The true meaning of rapture
And eat treats like the end is upon us.